After you have checked in at the front desk you will have a float orientation.

You will be assigned a room then:

1. Shower thoroughly prior to stepping into the tank--shampoo & body wash, but no conditioner

2. Use the earplugs provided to keep salt out of your ears 

3.  Carefully step into the tank/pod

4.  Relax, let go---you can decide to have lights and music during your float, or total sensory deprivation

5.  You will be alerted when your float is over, then open the tank/pod door and carefully step out

6.  Shower again.  You can use conditioner now

7.  Enjoy the post float glow!

You should not float if:

1.  You have any open wounds on your body

2.  You have any communicable diseases

3.  You have bowel or bladder incontinence or kidney issues.

4.  You have uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes unless you have clearance from your doctor

5.  Seizure disorder

6.  You are menstruating

7. You recently had your hair dyed

8.You do not have full use of your arms and legs

9. You have a condition that needs clearance from your doctor

If you contaminate the water with blood, urine or feces the tank will need to be drained and salt will need to be replaced.  You will then be charged a $1000.00 to replace the water and salt