Colleen - Manager of Lma Mineral Float 

Colleen is now an avid floater for anxiety and migraines and aids greatly in the research and marketing of Lma. With a degree in Kinesiology, this role allows her to follow her passion for prevention and wellness. 

             Dr. Keith Sadel & Vivi Sadel -Co-owners of Lma Mineral Float 

Dr. Keith (an internist) and his wife, Vivi, first floated in the late 80's on South Street in Philly. Keith floats regularly as a form of relaxation and escape from his busy lifestyle.  He can easily fall asleep in the tanks! Vivi is a former teacher and, once an educator, always an educator. Part of the Lma brand is to educate clients on healthier lifestyle choices and the benefits of float therapy. Vivi floats regularly as well, as it helps to relax her, and improves her sleep, creativity, and focus!